Women and Sheepskin

Cesca Dvorak

Leytonstone, East London, UK

Photography by Ruby Woodhouse
Cesca is the mother of two small children and a freelance costume designer.

a book –

The Living Mountain” by Nan Shepherd.

an artist –

Leonora Carrington.

a song –

“Love Tastes Like Strawberries” by Miriam Makeba

a place –

I love Cornwall, I am utterly bewitched whenever I visit.

a plant –

Lemon balm, the smell is beautiful and it reminds me of my Polish Grandmother.

your thoughts on ritual –

Ritual is essential to human happiness I think. I was exposed to it growing up in the Catholic faith. I’m interested in the clothing and instruments people of all cultures use during rituals and ceremonies. I explored this in a show I did recently.

do you have a spiritual practice? –

I try to practise the metta bhavana (Buddhist loving kindness meditation) often. The philosophy of Buddhism is an ongoing source of vitality to me but I am fascinated by all spiritual traditions.

your health or beauty routine –

Not much of a routine. . . I walk lots, and practise yoga when I can. Recently I’ve been horse riding once a week, which is lovely. I use rosewater and rose hip oil on my face. Being in nature as often is the best tonic, especially if you live in a city with children.

“I love my vest because it is beautiful and made up of many different soft textures. Also I know it was made slowly and locally, which gives it extra magic.”

Cesca Dvorak wears her AW14 Lilakoi

Vest.Please see more of Cesca’s world here.